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Feature Film (in production)

Set within a stark tower block, this black comedy-thriller takes an unapologetic look at its residents and workers engaging in a plethora of mundane but ULTRA PURE love; digital love, and a more dangerous form of nationalistic love, leading to a twist of events excelling the characters' own fanatical needs.

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               THE SMELL OF FLOWERS

                                                                  In development

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Short Film (2018)

Three men are in a train compartment, travelling to an unknown destination. There is George, an upper-middle class Englishman, Zaza, glamorous drag queen, and Jamal, an Arab man. Full of resentment and animosity the unforeseen circumstances bring them together, blurring the lines of race, nationality and gender.

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Feature Film (2016)

It is 1995. Agnes, a beautiful Polish illegal immigrant is stopped at the Dover border. Agnes has no chance to get her visa granted again. She can be instantly sent home where there is nothing for her to come back to. Her destiny changes when Frederick, an immigration officer, grants her visa on false grounds, feeling straight away attracted to her.

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